Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Tribute to Dad on his 75th Birthday


ISM: manner of action or behaviour characteristic of a specified person or thing; peculiar feature or trait (Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary)

ALISM: characteristic behaviour of Al C. or typical reactions of our Dad! (Conni & Nancy)

“Ticky boo”: how Al describes a job done according to his standards; how the lawn should look after a grandchild has mowed it.
“Perhaps”: Al’s response to a new grandchild asking if they can learn how to mow the lawn.
“Don’t be stunned”: Al’s admonition to six year old Conni when she gets too silly.
“I’m gonna phone Santa”: Al’s threat to Conni when the silliness still doesn’t stop!
“Okay folks…up & at ‘em…chop chop”: Al’s morning greeting to his sleeping children, in the tent, sometime before 7:00 am, somewhere where the temperature dips below freezing even in July!
“You better hustle”: Al’s back-up call to his still sleeping children, in the tent, sometime between 7:05 am and 7:06 am, somewhere where the temperature dips below freezing even in July!
“You’d better jolly well like it”: Al’s suggestion to his daughters as they go to visit a football stadium or baseball game during the aforementioned July holiday. The temperature has now skyrocketed to 38 degrees Celsius in the shade.
“Do you wanna get out and walk?”: Al’s fitness program for his three cranky, arguing daughters in the back seat of the car as they leave the sports event and head across the desert in Arizona. The temperature has now hit 40 degrees Celsius and air conditioning has not been invented yet.
“You don’t need a shower. You can have a swim in the lake.”: Al reassures his still cranky, hot and sweaty daughters as they arrive at a new campground, sometime in July.
“Well sir…”: Al begins a Little Albert story for his girls, at the end of a long day in July, by a bonfire, somewhere far away, in spite of their somewhat endless whining and sulking in the back seat of the car.
“No worries. She’ll be right.”: Al reassures his daughters during difficulties. (post-Australia)
“Isn’t that clever/ Aren’t you clever.”: Al’s response to an accomplishment; sometimes said with sincerity (a good report card), sometimes with sarcasm (a bad report card).
“He did a buster.”: Al’s description of a child wiping out on a bicycle, a skateboard, down the basement stairs, etc.
“It’s an easy paddle.”: Al reassures all novice canoeists before any canoe trip in any body of water.
“Wood ticks are my friends!”: Al exclaims to frantic grandchildren during any canoe trip in any body of water and in adjoining long grass on the edges of the water.
“Where’s the lipkissy?”: Al asks Mary for chapstick during any canoe and/or camping trip (as noted by his confused grandchildren).
“Tough times”: Al’s response to his children and grandchildren, during a crisis; always said with sincerity.
“It must be dreadful”: Al sympathizes, again with sincerity.
“Hope this might be helpful to you”: as Al gives time, money, understanding to his children and grandchildren during yet another crisis.
“Very wise decision”: Al supports the choices his children and grandchildren make.
“I really like that!”: Al’s response to gifts, especially home-made ones.
“Love, Dad”: signature accompanied by a drawing of a heart with an arrow through it, on all cards for all occasions.

Thanks Dad, for your “Al”isms, nasty and nice. They make you one of a kind!

September 2003

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