Saturday, May 17, 2014

Roller Coaster: A Year in My Life

“She had a mastectomy last week.”
“We’re getting married in April.”
“Sorry I didn’t get back to you last night, but my mom passed away.”
“Would you like to teach over at Urban Circle?”
“I broke up with him.”
“He doesn’t need another hip replacement!”
“Don’t rush me.”
“Do you want to listen to our new song?”
“I guess I didn’t get the job.”
“They checked me out and my heart is fine.”
“I need to sit down.”
“It’s a boy!”
“I realized I’m a girl.”
“I’ll go to the funeral with you so you don’t have to go alone.”
“Try the hot tub.”
“Will you shave my head?”
“Have a good day dear. See you tonight.”
“Love you mom.”
“Cancer free!”
“We found these kittens in the ditch.”
“Can we have our party at your place?”
“He’s disappeared again.”
“Thanks for helping me with this. I really appreciate it.”

I scream down. I climb back up. Life is a ride.

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