Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Christian, the Conservative and Me

One of us goes to church on Sunday mornings. She believes in God and Jesus. She is comforted and uplifted by the words the minister shares. She sings the hymns with a happy heart.

Two of us stay home on weekends and sleep in.

One of us leans to the right. She works hard and expects others to as well. She is disappointed with the last election as she watches the Liberals take control.

Two of us cheer Trudeau’s victory and feel optimistic about the future.

One of us questions society and supports activism. She will live in solitude rather than follow the flock. She gets frustrated with herself and others.

Two of us laugh and keep it light.

We three are friends.

We live our lives.

Side by side by side.

Loving our families. Raising our kids. Building our homes. Mourning our losses.

In different ways.


Peace is possible. 


©Conni Cartlidge, 2015

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