Sunday, March 15, 2015


My letter to my younger self for International Women’s Day 2015:

Dear Conni,

It is nice to have manners. Saying please and thank you at the dinner table, opening doors for others, apologizing if you mess up…. courtesy for those around you can go a long way in promoting kind respect.

But know this…sometimes you should not be polite! You should be downright rude.

Do not say, “yes please” to the old man offering you a glass of vodka. And a kiss. When you are fourteen. March out the door and slam it in his face. And then tell somebody you trust what he has done.

Do not say, “I’m sorry” to the person that slaps you across the face. When you have been hurt, scream and rant. Whenever you need to. And you will need to sometimes.

Do not allow harmful people into your life because you feel socially obligated. Some folks are just plain nasty. You do not have to try and fix them. It’s okay to say, “no, you are not welcome here.”

Walk on the grass.

Disagree with teachers.

Stand up.

Speak your mind.

Say no. Without explanation or apology.

Manners. Use only as needed.

Love always,
Young Conni


©Conni Cartlidge, 2015

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