Saturday, June 8, 2019

Bedside Manner

Dear ER doctor,

Do not tell me that you refuse to admit my mom
Before you have even seen her.

Do not tell me that there is no medical reason to keep her in
When she’s had nothing to eat or drink for four days.

Do not tell me that other people need the bed
Like she is a waste of space.

Do not tell me that her care is a family matter
When I am the only family here.

Do not leave your abrupt manner smeared around the hospital room
For nurses to mop up with apologies and bright smiles.

Never mind doctor. I know you’re not listening anyway.

Conni Cartlidge

June 8, 2019 


  1. Let's hope if the ER doctor is lucky enough to reach your mother's age that they is treated better than they treated your mother. There is no room for age discrimination in health care. If the doctor in question truly understood geriatric vital organ reserve capacity especially after a four day fast, they would have realized the possibility of the seriousness and consequences of this situation. I'd contact the College of Physicians and suggest a geriatric refresher course for this individual.

    1. So thankful for Mom’s pharmacist...she strongly advised me to get Mom to the hospital.